It is commonly accepted that nowadays there is a huge demand for professionals with data analytic skills and competency in the use of statistical software and related tools.

Our tutors have many years of experience in data analytics, data analysis, statistical software and business analytics tools and combine a strong academic and professional background.

The training of analytics is primarily focused on the selection of the appropriate way to analyse data and produce efficient measures that they will support you in your daily decision making. The selection of methods, the suitable application of them, the production of measures and finally the dissemination procedures are some of the course material we offer.

The training on tools and software focuses on software used for Data Analytics, Data management, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, etc. We provide training on SAS, R and IBM SPSS products, which are among the most popular data mining tools used for analysing data. SAS is the market leader. R is an open source data mining tool, widely used by many data miners and researchers worldwide. IBM SPSS is a flexible and robust solution that embeds powerful analytics in everyday decision-making process.

The training sessions we offer are customized to your needs. We carry out an in-depth investigation of your needs and build personalized courses for you.  For further details please contact us at:

Anyone can gain advanced skills in analytics and transform their experience or career.