Business Intelligence (BI) grew from the belief that managers without accurate data and timely update tend to make worse business decisions than if they had this information.

BI is broad term and refers to the process of bringing to the company the most relevant and current data available. It is a process that supports a company in drilling down and through the underlying data and  is most commonly related to descriptive analytics and visualization techniques. The outcomes of this analysis provide answers to “what happened and what is happening” through the exploration of historical and current data. It provides knowledge at different depths of the data and from different points of view in a simple and comprehensive matter.

As data scientists, with a long-time experience in project management and consulting we know how to deliver BI solutions to you that meet your business and decision-making needs. For INESIS group, the combination of high-level collaborative approach with business people, the deep understanding of business needs and the utilization of state-of-the-art BI methodologies, can make changes happen.

Our Business Intelligence solutions include:

  • Reporting and Ad-hoc querying
  • Modelling and monitoring of business process through data exploration and comparative analysis.
  • Advanced visualization solutions for displaying, exploring and examining your data

INESIS aim is to deliver to your business, solutions designed to solve your business challenges and drive growth. Our data analyst experts can personalize business insights through the exploitation of proven methodologies, best practices and state of the art technologies.