INESIS group consists of highly qualified experts in the field of data management and statistics, who provide robust and innovative biostatistics services through all the discrete phases of a clinical’s study life cycle.  Our main priority is to provide personalized solutions to our clients based on their needs and preserve quality in our services.  For that reason, we collaborate closely with our customers / domain experts and implement the best fitted approach in all phases of a clinical study.

Our biostatistics services, include:

  • Analysis needs: Collect requirements for the objectives of the study
  • Protocol development: Protocol development concerns Consulting in clinical study design and sample size estimation
  • Define randomization plan: We minimize potential bias of the clinical trial by applying randomization techniques that ensure integrity of the results and the implementation of a successful clinical trial
  • Design of statistical methodology: The formulation of the statistical method depends on a specific set of parameters such as: The collected requirements on the questions that need to be answered, the validity of theoretical assumptions, the sampling design, and the type, quantity, and quality of the observations to be collected and analyzed.
  • Implementation of statistical analysis: Our strong programming skills are put in the service of statistical analysis. This includes the application of statistical methodologies and the monitoring of the statistical business process of clinical studies.
  • Production of statistical figures-output:. Our strong computational skills allow us to effectively produce statistical figures-output via the use of advanced statistical software. Building of automated statistical analysis procedures which can be easily re-executed and modified according to existing needs to effectively produce customized statistical output and reports of the results. Our customized reports integrate the statistical figures in any desired form from simple tables, graphs or figures to advanced visualization objects.
  • Meta-Analysis: We assess previous studies in order to derive conclusions and provide advice on potentials for bias and decide on the most proper statistical method that should be applied.