Tourism is a composite industry that works together with the hospitality sector at different levels to provide complete products and services. Fundamentally, the hospitality industry benefits from tourism and is the principal supplier of the services for tourism.

Nowadays, companies which are active in the tourism and/or hospitality sector, are facing intense competition, caused by oversupply, an increasingly fragmented market and consumer demand for services to be provided across every channel.


INESIS has the ability to provide travel, tourism and hospitality market insights based on modern analytics techniques combined with the broad industry knowledge of our travel research specialists. This combination can offer a clear understanding of what is happening and why.

We have the expertise which can change the way you approach your data, provide solutions and implement custom tools that will support you in the:

  • segmentation of customers and monitoring of fundamental information related to them (profiling, requirement recognition, profitability)
  • design of personalized travel packages
  • evaluation of provided services
  • optimization of marketing campaigns
  • implementation of satisfaction surveys
  • integration of data from different sources and monitoring report production

Additionally, we can provide analytics to organizations and local governances that may assist in the:

  • development of effective travel & tourism strategies based on fact-based decision making (customer targeting strategy)
  • destination growth in regional tourism
  • measurement of Forecasting Tourism Demand
  • computation of Tourism Balance of Payment
  • monitoring of global/national tourism trends (via the development of tools/dashboards)
  • driving business opportunities based on the utilization of big data