In the last decades, energy management has grown to an important area of research. The need to find ways of efficiently using energy is a matter of research and concern by local and national governmental organizations and has notably been reinforced by European directives.


INESIS services can benefit both governmental authorities and private energy companies.

Our team has the expertise to investigate new technologies used to reduce energy consumption and to apply modern analytical methods for supporting you in the management of energy consumption.

Our tool-suite consists of:

  • Visualization tools for obtaining a thorough view of the energy production
  • Research methods related to data mining and data analysis techniques applied to energy consumption data
  • Prototypes (customized tools) for management of energy data and publication production
  • Methodologies for monitoring consumer behavior toward energy consumption

INESIS has the knowledge to support the full lifecycle of the energy sector through research, analytics, evaluation and exploration of the market environment and thus provide information about potential customers behavior, the value they draw from energy services and how these initiatives ultimately benefit society.

INESIS  experience includes:

  • Multi-disciplinary energy studies
  • Analysis of energy demand and supply for all energy sources and sectors
  • Design and implementation of market assessments
  • Development of forecasting and potential studies
  • Design and development of monitoring indicator systems
  • Analysis of energy supply options including technical, financial, geopolitical and other relevant elements
  • Evaluation, measurement and verification services
  • Elaboration of energy feasibility studies.