The banking and finance industry are rapidly evolving. New financial technologies are being implemented to make financial services more accessible to the public. Compliance regulations are constantly becoming tighter and stricter and can provide challenging to financial institutions in a variety of ways.  Moreover, there is a constant need for competitive services towards clients.

The banking sector must realize the need for data exploitation and integration in the decision-making process for the development of optimal strategic procedures for risk reduction, the increase of portfolio value and competitive advantage.

Our team’s portfolio includes long term collaborations with bank and financial institutions, in which our main duty was to successfully address issues, propose solutions and manage demanding projects.


INESIS provides a series of services within the banking and financial industry related to:

Fraud detection

The speed and extent at which fraud can be detected reduces payment fraud, chargebacks and card networks with high-fraud-rate procedures, prevents fraud offenses and can detect suspicious transactions at their onset. INESIS can support you in this complex procedure with the optimal selection and parameterization of appropriate tools based on compliance regulations and strategic decisions.

Customer data management

Digital banking and the generation of customer data with increasing volume and velocity creates terabytes of data. Advanced methodologies and appropriate tools are necessary in order to systematically manage and analyse the customer information which can unlock hidden opportunities and reveal insights utilized in the decision-making process.

Financial risk modelling

Financial risk modelling helps assess the amount of capital reserves to maintain and may guide in the purchase and sales of various types of financial assets. INESIS is familiar with the newest technologies and utilizes advanced methodologies in the financial risk modelling procedure.

Personalized banking

Data analysis and data mining techniques are used to provide personalized banking services and products to existing or new customers. INESIS can help you create and maintain a long-term relationship with your customers.

Customer lifetime value prediction

INESIS can help you predict the long-term value you can gain from your overall relationship with each client. This information is extremely important as it can help distinguish and maintain important collaborations.

Customer segmentation

Customer segmentation refers to the grouping of customers based on behavioural information, socio-demographic characteristics and more. INESIS has a long expertise in advanced methodologies used in order to estimate/predict the CLV of each group of customers and detect the value of each one.

Portfolio management and portfolio evaluation

INESIS is very experienced in the management of real estate portfolio and may fully support you in portfolio segmentation (based on estate characteristics, burdens, etc.) for effective exploitation, the design and development of procedures for monitoring the progress of portfolio exploitation and assessment of strategy performance, risks involved and profitability.
INESIS has designed and successfully implemented advanced methodology for the evaluation of real estates. We can support you in the evaluation of your real estate portfolio as well as individual properties. Under this framework, our skills include procedures for the detection of anomalies (data validation techniques, outlier analysis, etc.), comparative assessment of individual assets against benchmarks, portfolio classification (i.e. high/low risk).
Additionally, we have proven experience in performing analysis to show how changes in macroeconomic factors and/or regulatory features affect asset value (impact analysis).