Who we are

We formally say that “INESIS group is an Independent Network of Experts in Statistics and Information Systems” but we are so much more than that. “INESIS” in Greek sounds like ‘ANESIS’ which means Comfort, and this is how we want you to feel with us. We are here to discover your numbers and to tell their story with an effective and understandable way.
We are a group of senior data scientists and analysts whose story began in the 90’s as academic students.


What we do

For INESIS at the core is the data.

We serve as Data miners, Consultants and Data product developers.


Our experience

Our key tools are the knowledge of modern methods, our long experience in innovative projects and the ability to effectively use state-of the art solutions in the market. We are a highly skilled, qualified, experienced and data-driven team in the areas of:

Methods Consulting
Data Science & Business Analytics
Marketing & Customer Analytics
Business & Artificial Intelligence (BI & AI)
Data Integration
Data Visualization & Dashboards

Why choose us

Our values are clear and non-negotiable

We believe in integrity, honestly and respect.
These values are directly reflected towards our clients and our services to them.

We know what to do and how to do it

With many years of academic and real-life experience we have what it takes to provide you with the solutions you need.
Just show us your data and we will show you a solution!

Personalized solution for you

We do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach.
Each client is unique and treated as such!
We will listen to you! We will understand you!
We will provide a solution only for you!

Our services

Data management involves the development and execution of all schemes, policies, practices and procedures necessary in order to manage the data of an enterprise in the most effective way.
Business Analytics (BA) is the process of applying a range of advanced analytic methods to obtain meaningful insights on why something has happened and what to expect in the feature.
Data visualizations enable business individuals to visualize and understand data generated insights.
It is commonly accepted that nowadays there is a huge demand for professionals with data analytic skills and competency in the use of statistical software and related tools.
Business Intelligence (BI) grew from the belief that managers without accurate data and timely update tend to make worse business decisions than if they had this information.
INESIS group consists of highly qualified experts in the field of data management and statistics, who provide robust and innovative biostatistics services through all the discrete phases of a clinical’s study life cycle.
INESIS provides customized programming solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.